I have a serious issue to report with regard to the Uber trip I took today, 3rd July 2017 at 6.04pm.

The trip was from 67 temple street with destination at parkway parade. My sisters and I however did not arrive at parkway parade as our destination. We alighted at Tanjong Katong road right after a highway.

The Uber driver car plate number 4471 is infested with ticks. It was when my 6 months pregnant Sister started scratching both her arms, legs and back, upon realising many different bumps all over her body we looked around the car and realised the entire back seat, front passenger seat were all covered with very tiny ticks and quite many huge ones . The entire car was infested , even our belongings in the car boot were filled with ticks, it seems that the driver was already aware of it yet kept silent. The extent was so shocking we did not manage to take a picture, but took the aftermath (as attached). Kindly note that my 9 month old nephew was in the car with us, along with my 6months pregnant sister.

Once we requested to alight at the nearest possible location, all his reply was “oh highway cannot drop”. Hence, we dropped at the bus stop of Tanjong Katong South Road, opposite One Amber.

Once alighted we checked through and had to kill many ticks off our belongings and those in our hair. It was such a horrifying experience we cancelled our dinner with our 75 year old Grandmother and mother’s birthday celebration to look for the nearest toilet to take a shower in a public place and spending unnecessary money on new clothes and toiletries.

Our 9 months old baby was crying and choking for a very long time as all of us had ticks on our clothes and hair we couldn’t carry him.

Ticks are known to carry diseases and are passed on when they bite. Have a look at my pregnant sister’s markings all over her hands, arms and legs. We went to her gynecologist for a check up. Drugs were prescribed, but due to pregnancy she could only apply steroids to ease the itch. MCs given for days to recover as well, medical bills are incurred.

This has been a very very upsetting experience for us all.

We also quickly called to inform uber and asked if the driver is still on the streets but their response was that it’s a privacy issue and they can’t disclose. Their responses were slow and evasive.

Hence, we are unsure if the driver is still out there driving and causing distress to other passengers as he did to us. We are still suffering from the incident and have found even more bites on our bodies. We had even thrown away the clothes we wore on that day for fear that the ticks might follow us home. The lack of concern and compensation is utterly shocking.

Distressed Uber Passenger
A.S.S. Contributor

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