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A man, who had parked his car at a carpark at Tampines while waiting to pick up his baby boy from his parents home had a lucky escape when a large tree fell onto his car, but he escaped unhurt. The tree shattered the windscreen of his Mercedes Benz, but the frame did not cave in. The man was inside the car when the tree fell.

The incident, which happened at Blk 125, Tampines Street 11, happened at about 3:15pm on Wednesday, about the time the area was under heavy rain. The Mercedes Benz owner, Mr Tan, said that he was waiting for his mother who was carrying his baby boy towards the sheltered walkway and was about to move when the tree suddenly fell. Mr Tan decided to stay in his car after the tree fell, as he was afraid that moving out of the car will make things worse.

Aside from the shattered windscreen, the impact from the tree had also damaged the side mirrors and there was a dent on the right passenger door. Mr Tan also saw a lot of large red ants entering his car via the shattered windscreen. Mr Tan was freed after 10 minutes by the SCDF. A Tampines Town Council spokesman said the matter is under investigation, but he has not confirmed if the tree was recently inspected and passed fit to be left alone.

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