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Seems like several hot drinks stalls at the Redhill and Jalan Berseh have raised their drink prices since the start of July when the water tariffs hike kicks in. At Redhill Food Centre, at least seven out of about 10 hot drinks stalls have increased prices by 10 cents, with a cup of coffee now costing S$1.10.

Over at Jalan Berseh’s Gourmet Street coffee shop, prices have also gone up by a similar amount, with a cup of coffee now costing S$1. At some of the stalls, notices have been put up to inform customers that the higher prices took effect on July 1. However, the hawkers insist that the price increase was due to a lot of other factors, such as rising costs for the their rental, and not only due to the water tariff hike.

Following announcements by the government about the tariffs hike, they had also warned that businesses against profiteering from the move. Thus, this probably explain why the stall owners cited a myriad of reasons why their drink prices goes up, and not only because of the water tariff hike.

Daniel Kim

A.S.S. Contributor

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