While the parliamentary debate has left some netizens feeling disappointed for the lack of progress over the disputed 38 Oxley Road house, there is some good that has come out of the whole saga.

The old house has now become a new pilgrimage site for trigger happy Instagrammers, who have turned “38 Oxley Road” into one of the most trending search terms on the photo sharing app.

So many have been seen posing near the 100 year old house with the “38 Oxley Road” location tag. As of yesterday, there were more than 25 such posts.

Reporters who visited the house saw at least 8 people trying to clamour for shots of the house outside the gates. Security guards are no longer stationed there to guard the gated entrance.

“Must take photo. Once demolish, no more already,” one man was overheard saying to his family.

The area where the house stands was named after British surgeon Thomas Oxley, who owned a nutmeg plantation there in the late 19th century. He held the post of senior surgeon for the Straits Settlements in 1844.

The original owner of 38, Oxley Road, was a Jewish merchant. He had built house numbers 38 and 40 as a matching pair in the late 19th century, but No. 40 has already been torn down and redeveloped.

The late Mr Lee and his family moved into the house in 1945, and in 1954, founding members of the People’s Action Party (PAP) met regularly in its basement to discuss the setting up of the party.

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