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A Singaporean man who had spent the past 10 years of his life in humanitarian efforts, now requires help himself as he fights for his life in a Chiang Mai Hospital. Mr Calvin Huang, 59, was struck down with a stroke in April this year, and was brought to the Chian Mai hospital for emergency surgery.

But doctors have confirmed that his brain is no longer functioning to its full capacity. He is still in a coma and is dependent on the life support machine. His hopsitalisation bills are now at more than $50,000, and his niece confirms that they have a portal set up for donations to pay his hospital bill, and to bring him home to receive medical care in Singapore. The portal ‘Bring Calvin Home’ at has currently managed to raise $10,000. His family hopes to raise $100,000 in order to pay his bills and bring him back for further treatment here.

Calvin Huang first started on his humanitarian journey when the Tsuami struck Thailand in 2004, where he decided to join the Red Cross to help out in Phuket. In the last few years, he had based himself in Chiang Mai to help in the regions in and around Chiang Mai.

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