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Century Square, the oldest neighbourhood shopping mall in Tampines, is going to close its doors in September for upgrading works this September. The closure is for a period of one year. The mall was opened in 1995, and had never undergone any major works, apart from small scale improvement works done in 2008.

The upgrading of the mall is scheduled to be completed by the second quarter of next year. The upgrade is hoped to rejuvenate the ageing mall and create a better shopping experience for Tampines residence. The mall has also been facing strong competition from newer malls like Tampines Mall and Tampines 1, and the even newer Tampines Hub.

It was however, not known if the big retailers currently in Century Square will return to the mall once the upgrading works are completed. Spokesmen for Best Denki, NTUC Fairprice and BHG Singapore said their customers will continue to shop at their other branches, but could not confirm if they will be back.

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