A female NUS undergraduate has posted claims exposing a sleazy game that her friends have played, which involves participants being bllndfolded and made to kiss a person of the opposite sex to determine if the one they are kissing is their selected partner.
This post was first shared on NUSWhispers, where it attracted considerable controversy among netizens who found the game reckless and immoral.
However, to make things worse, the netizen claims that she has kept her boyfriend in the dark about her participation in the games. She is seeking advice on whether to tell her boyfriend about her "kissing" game adventures.
She wrote: "Recently I played a game called "Guess your Partner" with my other friends. The objective is for guys and girls (both blindfolded )to kiss each other to guess who is the correct partner. Due to shortage of players, I was dragged into the game (As a dummy to confuse the other guys in terms of kissing, hence increasing the level of difficulty)."
"Now here is the tricky part. I have been incorrectly kissed by the other guys in the game and I myself have a boyfriend, but he has been kept in the dark regarding this.
Should I tell him about this? I feel that a relationship should be a honest one. The risk of doing so is to lose a boyfriend that is irreplacable….if he cant accept this fact. I am at a loss….. Please advise….."

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