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A baker was sentenced to eight months’ jail for slashing an old man, 72, on his arm with a knife in a dispute. The incident happened at Blk 24, Chai Chee Road on August 2015.

The man, Yusoff Ali Said Ali, 56, got into a dispute with the victim’s friend. The victim’s friend ended up slapping Yusoff. It was understood the dispute was about money involved in a gambling game, where all the parties mentioned participated in. Yusoff became angry with the victim and the friend after the slap, so he left to get two knives.

When he returned to the scene of the slap, he did not see the the man who slapped him, but the victim was there sitting alone. Yusoff proceeded to slash him on the left am with the knife.

The victim was not named in the report, but had relatively minor injury. It was also not reported why Yusoff was only convicted in 2017, when the incident happened in 2015.

Chen TY

A.S.S. Contributor

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