Today’s Parliament sitting may turn out to be the biggest joke of any democratic country in the universe.

At stake is the integrity of the PM and government and the issue should have been settled in court. Instead, PM Lee has decided to abuse public resources by requesting his subordinates and a few WP MPs to grill him in Parliament.

Perhaps a revolt of sorts, all PAP MPs have refused to participate in this Parliamentary wayang.

Unfortunately, the wayang will go on because there are 6 questions from the Wayang Party, I mean WP. As to be expected, answering the 6 questions will subsequently raise even more questions because parliament is the wrong forum.

WP MPs – half of them lawyers – should have known the issue also involves defamation at the highest level and has to be settled in court. Unless the integrity of the government matters little.

Why then is WP agreeable to abusing public resources?

WP is not any powerless ordinary citizen and there are means to convince PAP to settle this in court, eg take this issue to the people at Hong Lim Park. This will also send a clear message to WP supporters that citizens are able to empower ourselves instead of being controlled and directed by PAP at every turn.

All WP needs to do is mobilise its supporters and thousands will turn up at Hong Lim Park.

Instead, WP seems willing to provide a semblance of democracy to PAP’s fake democracy.

Despite having 6 elected MPs, WP has continued to disappoint for years. It’s more like a PAP Team B and no wonder Singaporeans call it the Wayang Party.

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