LHY and LWL are not politician nor are they interested in politics. However the same cannot be said about LHL, he is the PM and that is about the highest position that a politician can get.

This issue is wrongly thought by many as a family squabble. It is most definitely NOT a family squabble. If it was a simple case of will dispute, it could have been resolved in a scenario where it involved lawyers from both sides in a court setting. But this was not done.

This is a political issue because LHL made it so; the siblings are not able to come to a conclusion about the fate of the house, so LHL allegedly uses his position as PM to activate governmental machinery to attempt to influence the outcome, to one which he prefers.

This is the part where it is dangerous. Alleged misuse of power is something I believe all citizens should be concerned about.

The younger sibling are private citizens, and if they were dealing with just their elder brother, then no problems at all. Because in this case they are dealing with the differences as private citizens.

When LHL decides to involve the government (by setting up a Ministral committee) to attempt to achieve his agenda, then it becomes LHY/LWL vs PM. A totally different scenario.

The younger siblings will not be allowed to fulfil their parent’s wishes when it is no longer a private affair (with the government involved).

The fact stands that LKY wanted to demolish the house for whatever reason that he had, and the younger siblings are trying to fulfil his wishes. While LHL is doing all he can to keep the house. That’s why LWL called LHL a dishonourable son, as he goes against his own father wishes.

Some articles claim that by the time the decision is required to be made for the house, LHL will no longer be the PM, and hence he is being selfless to preserve a part of history for Singapore. THIS IS NONSENSE.

Allow me to go back to the very first point. LHL is a hardcore politician, he truly believes that his father, and him built PAP up from the ground. They promulgated the idea that PAP is the sole reason of Singapore success. As the house is the birth place of PAP, hence a cornerstone of PAP history. Its preservation will allows future generations to appreciate PAP, and safeguard the legacy of LKY, and LHL.

This is reason enough, I believe, for him to insist on the preservation of the house.

Many before me has stated, and I agreed, that the siblings should take this to the courts to resolve the issue of the house, not waste precious public resources on what should have been a private affair in the first place. A committee of inquiry should also be convened to look into the alleged misuse of power by the PM, as these are strong accusations brought by equally upstanding individuals in the private sector.

P.S.: The above is drafted on my mobile, way past my bedtime, if there are any mistakes in grammar or sentence structure, I apologise.

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