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A Bangla construction supervisor is now facing charges of raping a China tourist twice when she went visiting her husband, who was staying in the same building as him.

Hossain Anwar, a Bangladeshi national, is accused of raping the woman once in a toilet, and once in her own room on the third level of the building at Lorong 8, Geylang in February last year. The woman had come to Singapore to visit her husband, who was working here, and stayed at the room in the building rented by her husband.

According to court documents, Hossain, who was staying in another room, knocked on the woman’s door while her husband was at work. He had gestured her with a toothbrush, and the woman thought he wanted to borrow toothpaste from her. However, locked the toilet door and proceeded to rape the struggling woman. When the woman tried to leave afterwards, he pulled her into her own room and proceeded to rape her a second time.

The woman later called her husband, and together with the landlord, they called the police after confirming it was Hossain who had raped the woman. Hossain’s semen was found on swabs taken from the woman’s body as well as tissue paper used by the woman. Hossain is contesting the charges against him.

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