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Dr Lee Wei Ling has refuted claims of PM Lee made in parliament that Lee Hsien Yang had wanted to be a part of the $1 sale of the house. In her Facebook post, Dr Lee wrote that when PM Lee offered to sell the house to her for $1, she was the one who had immediately asked Lee Hsien Yang to be a part of the deal.

This, she clarified, was because she “have neither the time, nor the inclination to deal with the house on my own. Hsien Yang did not ask to join me in purchasing the house for $1”. Her statement contradicts those made by PM Lee in Parliament, when he had said Lee Hsien Yang wanted to be part of the deal immediately once it was made know the house would be sold at $1.

Dr Lee also reiterated the fact that Lee Hsien Yang and herself wanted the house demolished as soon as she no longer needs it just as in LKY’s will, and to convert it to a public garden. Both siblings said they were not planning to profit in any way from the deal offered by PM Lee.

Marcus Chia

A.S.S. Contributor

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