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A rich man, who thinks he can get away from the law for modifying his Maserati luxury car with an altered exhaust system, was finally fined $13,500 after being caught eight times between May 2013 and November 2015.

Lee Cheng Yan, 33, used his luxury vehicle with the altered exhaust system to race in Malaysia. He had passed LTA checks on his car, as every time before inspection, he had rented approved exhaust system, and temporarily installing them in his car.

The modified exhaust system is louder than approved ones, and as a result, five complaints were lodged against him in his neighbourhood for the noisy vehicle. Lee was also caught in May last year for causing an accident between another car and a motorbike, which injured the rider and his pillion. In August 2015, he was also caught for making an unauthorised U-Turn which almost caused an accident.

Apart from his fines, his Maseratti has also been detained by the Registrar of Vehicles for the maximum period of three months.

Amil Sain

A.S.S. Contributor

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