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With the issues on maids falling under the spotlight again with the recent case of the Indonesian maid murdering her elderly employees in Bedok, another maid, this time a Filipino, was jailed for eight months for stealing $25,000 worth of money and jewellery from her employers.

The theft was only discovered on 26 October last year, just a day before the maid, Michelle Maloom Abucay, was due to return home after her mother died. As her employer’s were retrieving her passport form the house safe, they discovered personal items and cash totaling about $25,000 missing. Further checks from the employers revealed that other items, such as a Louis Vuitton sling bag, five branded wallets, a black Chanel handbag and a brown Coach bag, worth a total of $15,000, were also missing from the master bedroom wardrobe.

The employers called the police after unsuccessfully trying to locate the lost items, and police subsequently arrested the maid. Investigations showed that the maid tried to sell off some of the items she sold, but was unsuccessful the first time. On her second try, she managed to get another Filipino maid to successfully sell the stolen items. In all, items and cash amounting to $10,332 out of the $25,384 worth of items stolen were not recovered.

Eason Wee

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