Another episode begins. Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling have responded to LHL’s Parliamentary rebuttal by saying he made “convoluted, but ultimately false, claims about Lee Kuan Yew’s wishes”. They accused him of playing with his words in order to show that LKY wanted the house gazetted, when he actually wanted to have it demolished.

The siblings said LKY only accepted plans to renovate the house because LHL misrepresented to him that the house was already gazetted. They believed LKY would not have considered alternatives outside of demolition if LHL had not misrepresented the facts.

“Merely because LKY and we accept that the government has power to gazette the house does not mean that this is something LKY wished for. If the children were unable to achieve demolition, LKY made clear he did not want his house open to the public… Leaving instructions for how to deal with a bad event doesn’t imply that you accept or desire the bad event”.

They insisted that LKY was always skeptical about renovating the house and would have made his views public if he had changed his mind. Furthermore, his “unwavering” wish was also detailed in a settlement agreement which was personally endorsed by LHL. “Is LHL suggesting now that LKY wavered in his unwavering wish?”

They continue to blame LHL for threatening them and demanding silence on their father’s last wish. “We only seek to honour our parents’ wishes. We have nothing to gain other than to honour our parents’ wishes”.

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