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Janil Puthucheary was found dazed and deluded in his feverish speech attempt in parliament to defend his boss, Lee Hsien Loong on matters of accusations by his sibilings of corruption, abuse of power and nepotism.

Like us, many wondered was he a victim of recent wild boar attacks of late in S’pore?

He was a parliamentarian taking pondium stage to defend the attributes of parliament as the highest body in S’pore and a right platform to examine and rebut the accusations levelled against his boss, PM LHL.

He went on ridiculing (hogwashing) other alternatives as put forward by his fellow parliamentarian collegues and at times writing them off.

Like those calling for an independent enquiry of neutral people of reputable stations and roles in society appointed by parliament to hear the accusations and make independent enquiry.

Including hearing on the versions of events from the two other actors in 38 Oxley Road Saga, the sibilings of LHL and the other children of reputation of late LKY.

His dismissal of the suggestion in his hogwashed attempt was to cast doubts on its integrity of process, appointment of the committee again by the same ruling party controlled parliament and an outcome of a findings report which will be presented in parliament again.

The point he hogwashed desperately was that he did want any neutral body of independent non ruling party members examining his boss on the accusations and hearing the other side of the accusers’ version.

Which this parliamentary special ministerial session was doing as per script from the ruling party’s version of events and only version allowed in full live media display.

Then Janil not to outdo his feverish self goes to hogwash the other alternative of allowing the PM to sue his sibilings in the court of law against their accusations and insinuations of corruption.

Again he feverishly declares legal action will prolong the case and damage the reputation of S’pore and late LKY family and legacy. Problem, wasn’t the all the recent saga and even exchanges between various ministers on social media already done the damage for generations to come.

But what he omitted was again a right platform to hear out the accusations, evidence and examination of all affected parties including PM LHL & spouse and his sibilings.

So bottomline, Janil claims the current session is the best and right because only his boss,LHL gets to rebut the accusations by his sibilings based on his version of the truth and his subordinates. A controlled outcome and media play based on one man’s version and claim of the truth regardless if he could be guilty of it.

The alternatives, due process, natural justice and equal representation of facts from both sides was deemed irrelevant.

Again S’poreans baffled at his suggestion and role as jester in the courts can only assume the latter.Yes he was having swine fever of sorts from the recent bites as no reasonable man or S’porean would come to make just nonsensical claims publically , and yet he did in parliament. Quarantine people should get ready their viral shots as S’poreans would do the next occasion they meet Janil.

A.S.S. Contributor

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