Dear A.S.S. Editor,

Felt yesterdays lacklustre Parliament sitting was at most “business as usual” and merely “going through the motions” except for MPs Pritam Singh and Leon Perera who voiced the views of silent majority’s!

What was also especially disappointing, is Potong Pasir’s past “gotong royong” spirit of transparency and accountability which they have since traded with material gains in the election of Sitoh Yih Pin.

More amusingly was Indranee Rajah’s non committal reply if the present 2 AGs were indeed appointed based on ‘meritocracy’ as MP Sylvia Lim questioned why other equally qualified candidates with vast public service were not even being considered to begin with, much like Tin Peiling and her reserved PAP candidate for Macpherson.

What this episode shows is, the entire system engineered by a fallible LKY has come back to haunt his 2 younger children due to the direct result of Karma. You see, Karma does not recognise face, position or power but just unleashes on you what you deserve! My response to Sitoh Yih Pin’s crap of only having to do things the legal way. What is perfectly legal, may not be morally so!

Until PM Lee “sets thing right” by: Commencing an Independent query like AHTC, Replace the 2 AGs, MND and Law Minister who made boo boos resulting in today’s situation and challenging his 2 siblings in Court to demonstrate that truly no one is above the law! Otherwise, by closing this serious issue prematurely with sheer numbers will only cause Singapore’s stature to be diminished and the PAP candidates, unable to “lift their heads up high”.

Chandra Balan

A.S.S. Contributor

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