We received a call yesterday alerting us to a dog on a ledge, on the third floor of an HDB flat. Our rescue officers,Sani and Mark, immediately went down to the scene. As access to the dog was only possible via the unit, and the owners were not in, we sought assistance from the HDB, AVA and the police, to contact the owner of the unit.

While waiting for the owners to return, our rescue officers found some discarded mattresses and placed them beneath the ledge. In addition, a canvas was also set up, as a secondary precaution.

A member of the public managed to get the word out to the dog’s owner, who quickly rushed back home. Our rescue officer was then able to bring the animal to safety. The dog was thankfully unhurt. The owner was advised to ensure that the windows in the home were secured and that furniture was not placed next to the windows.

We thank Ms Joreen Yeo and two other members of the public for assisting us in holding onto the canvas sheet, while our officer rescued the dog. Special mention to Ms Joreen Yeo who not only called our 24-hour emergency hotline 6287 5355 ext 9, she continued to keep an eye out for the dog until the animal was safe and sound. We deeply appreciate her efforts.

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