Dear A.S.S. Editor

Comfortdelgro’s childish tactics of asking their cabbies to report private hire vehicle’s wrongdoings are seriously going to cause more harm than good. They didn’t realize that this is going to cause a more negative impact to the drivers more than good.

I am in a comfort taxi yesterday and the driver looks more concern in catching errand motorists than driving me as the passenger safely. If they are really getting annoyed with these private hire cars causing them to lose their cabbies because many drivers have jumped ships, then they should just work together with LTA to enforce such policing activities!

Next, Comfort was smart enough to to launch their own booking app and advertise them aggressively that their fixed fare doesn’t surge! This has its downside too. Drivers stopped/refused to drive for comfort because of their ridiculously high rental and with the stubborn attitude of not reducing the rental will definitely cause a big impact to the drivers, worse still, their non surge pricing would mean drivers will earn lesser because passengers can choose to take Comfort during Uber and grab’s surge period as they can use Comfort’s fixed fare booking system.

I hope this will make Comfort wake up their idea and think of ways to innovate instead of being childish. They should observe the market trend of when, why and how Uber and grab surge and surge together with them to be on par and at the same time, reduce their rental rates of their taxis. By doing so, not only passengers have lesser option to choose or to be “cheapskates” or even being labeled as if cabbies are disposable materials, “use only when needed” and when we reduce such mindset of the commuters and with a lower rental rate, drivers ought to earn more!

Editors, please post this up, I hope it will serve as a wake up call to Comfort, they have to stop behaving like a 3 years old kid.


A.S.S. Contributor

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