So earlier today (03/07/2017) at 3:38pm I made a booking using the @Grab car app. After a couple of minutes, I got a driver. I waited nearly about 20 minutes. Once he arrived, he wind down the window and double confirmed my name. What was so suspicious was, he came in a silver MYVI, where in the app actually stated TOYOTA INNOVA and there was ANOTHER MAN in the front seat! I stopped getting out of my house and asked him:

Me: Why is it a MYVI when it’s supposed to be a Toyota Innova?
Driver: ahh…no that car repair.
Me: Why is there another passenger with you in the car?
Drives: *paused awhile*.. he’s my friend.
Me: It’s ok I’ll cancel the booking.
Driver: Flew off.

Firstly, he came in a different car with a different number plate. Secondly, there was another person in the car which was his ‘friend’. Like come on guys how does that even make sense? How are the drivers even allowed to have their friends with them during a ride? And even after coming across so many cases these days, this is really scary!

So please be extra aware when you make a booking and who’s car you’re really getting into! You can never predict what’s about to happen, so it doesn’t cost much to put your safety ahead.

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