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WP MP Sylvia Lim finally raised an issue that every Singaporean have a right to know and what every PAP MP will be afraid to ask or even bring up – is the current Attorney General a part of the decision making team in the Oxley Road saga? In fact, is the current deputy AG also a part of the decision making process?

Sylvia Lim highlighted the fact that the current AG Mr Lucien Wong, was formerly PM Lee’s personal lawyer before he got this top post. And his deputy AG, Mr Hri Kumar, was a former PAP MP before his appointment in March this year. There is a real possibility of a conflict of interest, and Ms Sylvia Lim questioned if both have recused themselves from advising the Government on the Oxley Road issue. Ms Lim raised the fact that this should be a matter of concern to each and every Singaporean who wishes to see Singapore as the bastion that upholds the rule of law.

The question now that needs answering is has the AGC been already giving advice to the committee about Oxley Road? And if they have, who exactly in AGC is giving the advice? Has the AG himself, being a personal lawyer of PM Lee before, recused himself from touching the files of the case, as he had himself represented PM Lee in his personal capacity as a beneficiary?

Michael Lim

A.S.S. Contributor

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