A contractor working for the Singapore Armed Forces in Pulau Tekong has blown the whistle on perceived unfair treatment and elitism among SAF soldiers in the camp.

According to the netizen who shared his experience working for the SAF, certain grievances with the way non-SAF personnel are being treated have been boiling for some time.

The netizen shared 3 instances where non-SAF staff had been unfairly treated:

1.Contractors are not allow to board the ferry to Tekong at the same timing as the permanent staffs. They are only allow to take the 5.15pm boat after the SAF personnel have departed.

2. Contractors are not allow to walk out from the ferry once it stops. They MUST allow the SAF staff walk out first. If any contractors walk out of the ferry, they will be called out and have their names recorded and banned if they argue back.

3. If any staff are unhappy with the contractors, their camp passes are confiscated and they are not allowed to come back into camp. As the contractors cannot go back and do their work, they will end up having to explain to their boss why they cannot work and risk losing their jobs.

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