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PM Lee has voiced out the clearest reason yet on why he needed to bring the family dispute of Oxley Road into Parliament. In Singapore’s context, the role of Prime Minister is the person who commands the confidence of the majority of MPs, if not all.

That is why as PM he has a duty to all MPs to respond to the allegations thrown by his siblings, and explain himself to MPs. And the only way to reach out to all MPs is to do this via Parliament, where all the MPs can then listen to his explanations, and ask questions themselves, if the need arises. He also indicated that he needs to let Singaporeans know what is happening, and Parliament is the only way he can reach out to everybody.

PM Lee also said the allegations made against him and his Government are baseless, but damage to Singapore’s reputation have already been made. PM Lee said if the allegations are left unrebutted, they can affect Singaporean’s confidence in the Government.

However, PM Lee did not say if the Parliament rebuttals are clearly one-sided, as only his side of the story can be aired in a public domain. The siblings will be left to taking to their Facebook profiles again to throw more allegations, and there will be more rebuttals. This has no end in sight.

Isaac Soo

A.S.S. Contributor

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