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The NParks confirmed that they are currently investigating a case where an old woman was attacked by a wild boar at one of its parks. The woman, who required 60 stitches, was attacked at Windsor Park, which is located at the Upper Thomson area.

According to eye-witnesses, Ting I Tsun, 55, who is from Taiwan and has been in Singapore since 17 June to visit her daughter who had just given birth, was attacked by the wild boar at the right side of her calf. She was out walking her dogs at the park when the attack occurred on Friday. The witness also said he saw the wild boar came darting out from between trees, attacked the woman, and disappeared back into the park.

According to her son-in-law, the woman is now recovering, but is down with fever and is very tired after the ordeal. ACRES had said that wild boars are generally “shy” creatures, and they will avoid human contact. According to ACRES, this was an isolated case. This wild boar was most likely surprised and felt threatened, that was why it had attacked. NParks advised the public to remain clam and slowly move away if faced with wild boars.

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