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As expected, PM Lee took to the Parliamentary seating as promised and delivered his rebuttals to all the allegations made by his brother and sister. At the same time saying taking them to court would have besmirched the reputation of their parents.

In case he has not noticed, this whole saga have already ruined the reputation of his parents. The reputation that they had raised good children, all of the illusions gone. As everyone can see, there are clearly issues with the siblings, and their relationship is probably gone beyond repair after today.

And as expected, while the whip was conveniently lifted for PAP MPs to question their boss in Parliament on the Oxley Road saga, no one from PAP did that so far. In fact, DPM Teo followed up PM Lee’s statement with his own statement, followed by Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong also addressing Parliament. Instead of questioning PM Lee on this issue, they went all guns blazing defending the Saga in PM Lee’s favour.

In fact, they cast further questions on the integrity of Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling. In fact, they painted the picture that the allegations made by the siblings are all baseless, that all of the Ministers have acted in accordance to what is accepted, and they had kept the siblings in the loop on all the matter that they have decided on the matter.

So, what is this Parliamentary sitting about? To elaborate more on the issue at hand about Oxley Road, or to defend PM Lee, sings his merits, and paint his siblings as the villains? The way the Ministers are defending their boss, it would seem so.

Alan Low

A.S.S. Contributor

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