Taking a break away from the 38 Oxley Road dispute, there is another heritage that is going to be vanished from Singapore which is Sungei Road. Singapore is aggressively marketing its heritage but is letting go an authentic piece of cultural history. Sungei Road will close its final chapter on July 10 after 80 years of existence.

NMP Kok Heng Leun will present the petition for the Relocation of Sungei road market & the Stall Holders on 3 July. He is to ask the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, after the closure of the Sungei Road flea market, how will the Ministry engage and monitor the mental health of the elderly vendors who are displaced after losing their stalls and livelihood.

Dr Lee Bee Wah will ask the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources

(a) whether the Government will reconsider its decision not to provide a replacement site for the Sungei Road Hawking Zone (SRHZ); and

(b) whether an update can be provided on the help given to the vendors and whether any additional help will be given to vendors after the closure of the SRHZ.

Although chances are slim that the government will change their mind of closing Sungei Road. However, there might be some better solutions tabled.

A.S.S. Contributor

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