A netizen has shard her harrowing experience of her husband and child being stalked by a PRC national at Waterway Point.
According to the netizen, her husband had been watching after her child alone at Punggol Waterway Point on Saturday (1 July) at 9PM when a PRC man, who was balding and appeared to be in his 40s, approached the boy. He spoke with the child and kept trying to play with him.
Initially, the netizen's husband thought nothing of the man's "friendly" attempts to play with the boy. However, the man started to become suspicious when he persistently kept trying to find out about the boy's age.
Suspecting something amiss when the PRC man persisted despite no replies from both him and the boy, the netizen's husband brought their son to Guardian pharmacy to escape the man. However, the man decided to follow both of them into the stall. Realizing that the game was up, the PRC man then tried to act natural by browsing the products in Guardian before leaving the store and disappearing from sight.
The netizen wants to warn other parents to be careful especially when strangers approach children with unnatural curiousity about their age.

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