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Police have reported that they have arrested three men who actually used an empty unit in a Toa Payoh HDB flat to use it as their “drug house”. Residents have seen the men entering the empty unit at Block 2 Lorong 7 Toa Payoh several times in the past few months.

The three men, aged between 17 and 33, were arrested by the police for suspected drug-related offences, criminal trespass and theft on Friday. It is understood the flat has been officially unoccupied for some time, but there was sparse furniture inside, including a fridge and kitchen utensils. Photos of the unit after the arrests showed a wooden board covering a broken window beside the door. The inside of the flat is also shown littered with personal items such as clothes, as well as several lighters and drug-related paraphernalia.

Residents were surprised at the police operation at the house, which they claimed had been empty for two years, after the last tenant, an old man, had moved out. However, other neighbours said they recently noticed people walking in and out of the unit, although most were unaware that the flat was being used as a “drug house”. Police investigations are currently still ongoing.

Jean Goh

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