I feel disturbed that the occupant opposite my unit made a nasty complaint to HDB that my two toddlers and their grandparent are noisy during the day. The complaint alleged that the talking from the grandparent to the toddlers and from the toddlers causes noise nuisance.

I also feel being watched as the HDB officer had even told me the one complain had specify the gender of my two toddlers, the time of the day and the duration the toddlers are at their unit. I feel unsafe as I am not sure if the one making the complaint will do harm to my toddlers. The HDB officer suggest that we should close our door and not to talk too loudly.

I beg a pardon, we are living in HDB not in the library where the keep silent rule has to be observed. I didn’t realized that in my own unit, I am being denied of speaking and talking in the day. I will get complaint if I happened to be born with a loud voice, talk at my normal voice. The toddlers cannot play and make noise in the day inside a HDB unit. All these causes noise nuisance.

What is this. I can no longer talk in my own HDB unit. I can only breadth stale air as I can no longer open my door to keep the air in the unit moving.

No wonder the recent survey would say more people living in HDB keeps their doors shut and do not interact with their neighbour. How do interact when leaving the door open and talk would get complaint of noise nuisance.

Aside, I am caught by surprise that HDB officer handled a noise complaint so efficiently while an query on HDB housing matter which is their core business goes without any responses.

A.S.S. Contributor

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