I am deeply traumatised by the recent issue which we are facing for our Home Digital Line

The line had been down since 25th June, which my kids had been complaining about the line down. Without paying much attention to the issue, we thought that they could had dial an incorrect number hence the engage tone.

But on Tuesday, being sch reopen day, my kids wanted to update me on the activities in sch, the line could not be reach again. And having said that, it’s a routine that my kids call and update my husband or myself on a daily basis. And I found it weird when neither of the kids called. So, I called them instead, and they said they tried calling me and daddy, but both lines could not connect. It arose my suspicion on the line fault, as the wifi at home are still active.

And, they are able to receive incoming call, just the out-going is affected. When my hubby and I were home, we started to reset the modems, and change the telephone set, but the same error tone occurs.

We called Singtel custcare on the 27th June itself, and spoke to both the Customer Service Agent, and Technical support team. 1st of all, the Customer Service Agent, after clarifying our issues, refer us to speak with the technical team. And the gentleman, taught and went thru some troubleshooting procedure with my hubby, and said that there is no issue. And mentioned there is billing issue, that is resulting in the out-going call being barred, and we had to wait till the next day morning, for the billing team to be at work, then they could resolve the issue.

The Billing team did called me on 28th June @ 8.10am to inform the line down was due to out-standing amount in the acct, hence no going call is allow. At this point, I was still holding my cool, and trying to keep myself calm. I told the caller to check her records carefully before commending that we did not make any payment. she insist that there is no payment indicated on the system since 8th June till date. I was pretty piss off at this point, and told her that if there is no payment, this should affect my mio bundle package consist of my HP and Wifi at home, not just my home line. And, we had called Singtel on 22nd and they had confirm receipt of the payment. But, what is this saying of NO PAYMENT since 8th June? And caller mentioned, that payment made on 22nd June will only be updated on 23rd June, and mind you, I am speaking to you on 28th June and you say there is no record? Is this a service lapse?

After which, she run another round of check for abt 10min, and mentioned, payment was receive. And the most ridiculous part is, she mentioned that the line was not barred and all the services are active! so she re-divert me back to the Technical team for further action to be taken. Come on, I am a working mother, I don’t have all the time in the world to entertain Singtel on resolving the issues. By the time the technical support team called, I am on my way to a meeting and there is no way for me to check further.

In the night, after I am home with my hubby, we called Singtel again, this time round, the technical support went thru the whole troubleshooting procedure, and inform us to give him 24 hours to run check and decide whether there is a need to send a technician to check on the fault. and I had waited 24 hours with no solution, yet I am told to wait for 24 hours again. My question is, Is it Singtel do not keep records of the complain or feedback in the SO CALL SYSTEMS? We are going round and round explaining the dismay we are facing, and there is always nothing conclusive. Very poor service, very poor customer service agent that Singtel has. Being the biggest network company, our Singapore own brand, but the service is slow and ineffective. This is very disappointing. Being a Singtel user for over 10 yrs, but there is no solution.

And this morning, the first technical support whom we deal with on 27th June evening, he call up to check if the line issue has been rectified. We informed that the situation remains, and I was rather surprise that he asked if there is any follow up from his other colleague, which I mentioned no. I did check with him, don’t your record shows that I had called again last evening? He seems surprised and ask if any solution was given, I said no. And thanks for the follow up from him, he scheduled for technician for onsite checking this afternoon.

During the onsite checking, the technician mentioned this is a SINGLE RARE case which SINGTEL had never come across, he will need to report to Singtel, and check if there is any solution to resolve. And simply say that Singtel will get in touch with us again. My hubby further asked, how long will this take? Technician response is we will try to rectify within 1 day, but this is a NEW problem, and they had never experience it before, hence it might take days or weeks before we can offer the remedy to your problem.

Great, either within a day, days or weeks… Do you know how important it is for working parents like us to have a home line to be regularly in touch with our children? And what if emergency stuffs occurred, and they are unable to contact us, who is going to be responsible for all these? I had enough of all these waiting game. I called up the Customer Service agent at 2pm and spoken to Miss Rejoice, it seems that she is very defensive when I ask what kind of compensation is Singtel going to offer should they failed to resolve within today. Her reply is simply the technical team will revert to you within 8 hours, please wait.

Whose responsibility should it be, if there is emergency issue happening at home and the kids are unable to contact their parents? I need a response, I need to have temporary measure taken to avoid all the unnecessary, but Miss Rejoice insist for me to wait till the technical team call me for the solution. She can’t make the decision, and don’t what can be the next clause of action. Plus she mentioned my digital line service is free, there is no subscription fees, I mentioned to her, if I did not pay for my MIO BUNDLE, do you think Singtel will give me a FREE DIGITAL LINE SERVICE?

We took up the package is for the convenient sake, but in this case, it’s giving us more problem, and I am giving it a serious thought to terminate Singtel for the poor service. If your agents had poor product knowledge, do not put them on front line to disgrace our Singapore Brand. I need the line to be up asap, and if the digital line still failed, please look into providing a Analog line without any further delay at no extra cost. Anything could happen even within the next minute, I need to be able to connect with my kids at all possible time even though I am at work, please note the importance, and stop requesting us to wait patiently, I had been most patience for the last few days.

Fuming Customer,
Mrs Goh

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