So I took bus number 806 from Yishun Interchange at about 10.54pm last night (27.06.17). This driver is one of the best drivers i’ve experienced in my entire 21 years of life so far.

As usual everyone was silently in queue waiting for our bus. No emotion on our faces no smile, nothing at all.. As we boarded the bus, this driver made everyone smile but welcoming everyone so warmly. He greeted everyone as we boarded. Majority acknowledged and moved on back.. I thought that was the end of his gesture of kindness trying to brightens everyone day but warmly welcoming us onboard. But no..

As we approached the first stop, and as soon as doors open and people alighted, he wished them a goodnight. Even though he was right at the front and people were alighting from the other door at the back, he still shouted in a very sincere way wishes them a good night.

He did this for every stop. Then my stop came, I didn’t know what I was feeling but I knew I was smiling and definitely feeling slightly sad as he are the type of people who should be accredited and known.

As my stop approached, I walked to the front and started speaking to him. Thanking him for his service and just having a normal conversation. He respected everyone by calling them in the terms he knew how to address then as sisters and brothers. When he got to know I am Punjabi (he is mixed Punjabi) and It was time for me alight, he very nicely said Sat Sri Akal and wished me a goodnight.

This are the kind of people that are needed in the service line. They make everyones day better and slightly more bearable. Tired or not I promise with more of them, you’ll never be dragging your feet to the bus interchange anymore. Service line isn’t just a job. It’s passion to help people and offer them the services our job requires.

Thank you for the good ride home Surenther Singh Teja Singh ! 🙂 SMRT

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