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An unemployed man have been jailed for four months or two counts of ill-treating his 10-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter. He had used a folded cloth belt to hit his two children multiple times and placed an ignited lighter near them after he accused them of lying that they had no information on their mother.

The man, a 33 year old father of five, is estranged from his wife. The wife had left him and their children after she left the flat in Boon Lay some time before January last year. The man was not named to protect the identity of his children. On Jan 29 last year, the accused was at home with four of his children when he asked the victims if they had any information about their mother. Both said they did not. He became angry and believed that they were lying. The children protested that they did not lie. This was when he flew onto a rage and started beating up his son and daughter with a cloth belt.

Multiple bruises were found on both children’s bodies, with red markings on the 10-year-old’s arms and chest area. Less we feel sorry for this man for his wife having left him, he was also caught stealing $41 worth of cigarettes from a minimart in Boon Lay. The man will start serving his sentence after the expiry of his current three-year and six-month sentence for taking drugs.

Pity his kids more. Mother left them without any contacts, and father is abusive, with a string of criminal convictions under his name.

Zaki Bani

A.S.S. Contributor

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