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The Health Science Authority (HSA) has confirmed that one of its staff was diagnosed and tested positive for active tuberculosis (TB). What is more worrying, the staff in question was working at at the front desk of Bloodbank @ HSA and handles donor registration. So, the interaction of the staff with the public should be quite high.

The staff member was tested positive in April and the staff member was given medical leave and has started on treatment. The [email protected] is located within the HSA building in Outram, and handles the collection of blood from donors. TB is an airborne bacterial infection that is spread through close and prolonged contact with a person with the active form of the disease.

It is also understood that not all staff at the Bloodbank @ HSA were tested for TB. HSA had also not stated if any of its other staff members have latent TB. In a move to reassure the public, HSA said TBCU, which handles the national TB control programme and is responsible for the prevention and control of the disease, advised that there was “no risk to blood donors as they did not have prolonged contact with the affected staff”.

Hairil Yusoff

A.S.S. Contributor

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