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The rich old woman who drives a Ferrari and is currently facing charges for punching a fellow motorist in 2014, has admitted in court that she had assaulted the man. However, 72 year old Shi Ka Yee clarified that she had actually slapped the man, and not punched him, as was the charge.

In a sign of the elites losing touch with reality, she told the court that her actions was justified, as the man, Mr Raphael Chong Yen Ping had abused her with vulgar language. So, in order to retaliate against the vulgar language and verbal abuse directed at her, she felt that physically harming the other person was a justifiable action. The conflict first arose as Shi was not confident of driving her Ferrari past the stationary vehicle of Mr Chong, so she sounded her horn at him. She got furious when he did not respond to her whims.

In her signed statement to the police in October 2014, she had said: “I was angry at his remarks and I gave him a punch with my right hand.” She now disputes this, and claims it was a slap rather than a punch. However, Mr Chong said Shi had punched him on the right side of his forehead through his open car window. He added that she had rings on her fingers and the blow caused a cut on his forehead. His version of the event was corroborated by an eye witness.

So. let’s see if this rich elite who thinks she can get away with murder, gets away with punching a motorist just because she was not happy.

Sam Lee

A.S.S. Contributor

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