Dear A.S.S. Editor

Hi, yesterday on 29 June 2017 Thursday, I went to eat at Food Republic at Vivo City on the 4th floor. I ordered at the cai fan, cause i wanted to eat something cheaper. I ordered egg with some small prawns, one fish and a veg with curry sauce.

The total price was $10.30! When the guy read out the pricing, I was shocked and thought it was a joke at first as i thought that my 10 dollars note that I was holding in my hand should be enough. In the end I have no choice but to pay. The portion they gave was not even worth the price. Me and my friend tried to clarify with the guy but he still insist that the price was accurate.

Please never ever go to the stall again as the pricing, the quality and quantity is such a scam. $10.30 for an ‘economical’ cai fan seems a bit too expensive, not to mention that the portion is small compare to other stalls too.


A.S.S. Contributor

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