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An Indonesian maid, Ms Intan Atikah, suffered for 11 months being frequently abused by her employer, who spat on her face, called her names, withheld her salary and on one occasion, even ripping off the tudung off her head.

She tried running away once, but was caught and carried back to the flat. Neighbours at the Clementi flat where she was in had also called the police three time between December 2015 and March 2016 because they were alarmed by her loud cries and concerned she was being tortured.

It finally culminated in her employer, Suriyati Matrawee, 42, being arrested and sentenced to 16 weeks jail. What was even sadder was that it was her 8 year old daughter who had started abusing the maid just weeks after she started working for them. The girl punched and kicked the maid, and the mother did nothing to stop the abuse.

The abuse was described as degrading by the sentencing judge, who further chastised the woman for her shameless audacity in telling the maid not to report the abuse each time the police came. And by doing nothing to stop her young daughter from abusing the maid, she had set a bad example as a mother.

Maybe one day, her daughter will grow up and start abusing her instead, since the daughter was never taught a lesson on humanity. Then, she will fully deserve her fate. Let the 16 weeks in jail be a wake up call to this shameless human being.

Francis Lee

A.S.S. Contributor

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