The authorities is now trying to tell us that because SMRT is testing signal, now the train service disruption is a time bomb waiting to explode. Why ask the public to prepare for a time bomb whereby it’s gonna cause more havoc should this bomb explode?

Now although we are more or less prepared for train service disruptions, but this time bomb blew up at the wrong time! And worse still, yesterday at the affected stations, police officers were seen stationed at the bus pick up points, so why are we wasting country’s security resources for such a thing? Are they trying to deploy NSFs in future if MRT disruptions occur again?

Call me ranting or kicking up a big fuss but to experience 2 disruptions a day is really ridiculous! It’s affecting each and everyone of us! Our precious time wasted because of this.

To make ourselves even more prepared, I think LTA and rail operators should hold a conference to communicate well in order to take better control of the situation. They must really sit down and discuss how they going to test signal, we all understand that such testibgs are necessary to ensure relaiblility but they have to make sure they do it in a way that it doesn’t cause too much inconvenience to the passengers!

I hope authorities really look go back to the drawing block and discuss how long this whole signaling system test is going to take and set a date for these tests to take place, give us an advance notification and shut down the whole entire network for that stipulated period of time to do the signaling tests. This will be a way much better option now than to “detonate a bomb” suddenly during rush hour causing a huge havoc. Passengers will understand and of course have more than enough one to look at alternative options if they are notified in advance.

A.S.S. Contributor

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