Dear A.S.S. Editor

What was the recent ownself praise ownself act that the SMRT and LTA were proud to announce? That’s right, the number of interruptions that causes a long delay was going down. So how do they explain yesterday’s interruption, which was the single biggest disruption in 14 months?

The one which caused the entire North-South Line (NSL) to cease operations just after 5pm? SMRT said that the breakdown was caused by a fault on a newly installed signalling system. The same fault also affected the service on the newly opened Tuas West extension, which uses the same system.

To make things worse, SMRT and LTA announced that similar disruptions may persist for a few more months. These are newly installed signalling system. And the Tuas West Extension had only been operating for one week. And teething problems are already a part of the system?

Can SMRT and LTA explain why something new can be spoilt so soon? Work quality not good enough? Or some higher ups wanted the new train lines up and running by certain date, so ready or not, they had to launch?

Adnan Jay

A.S.S. Contributor

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