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Looks like SMRT is plagued with train delays after train delays, and there seems to be no end in sight for their troubles. In the latest train delay incident, two faults on the North-South Line on Thursday morning led to delays for commuters during the morning rush hour again.

After yesterday’s fiasco where the new signalling system failed, today saw another signal fault on a train at the Woodlands station at about 6:40am. SMRT later confirmed that the train in question had to be driven manually towards Jurong East station at a slower speed, where passengers were safely disembarked. The train had been withdrawn from service pending further checks. Barely two hours later, a fault on a platform screen door at Bishan MRT station delayed a train travelling towards Marina South Pier.

However, there were no official confirmation from SMRT on the Bishan delay. No announcements were made by SMRT on their Twitter or Facebook pages. However, frustrated passengers complained of delays at Sembawang, Kranji, and Yew Tee stations, among other locations. One person said it took him close to 30 minutes to get from Yishun to Bishan, which are four stations apart. SMRT staff at Bishan also said they were not informed of any delays, although they were seen trying to control overcrowding at the station platforms and getting passengers to line up and trying to organise the crowd.

Michele Quah

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