Dear A.S.S. Editor

According to the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), complaints against doctors increased by nearly 30% , while the legal expenses chalked up by the council for disciplinary proceedings also shot up last year compared to the previous year.

Last year, SMC received 182 complaints against 242 doctors, up from 141 complaints in 2015. The complaints last year mainly concerned alleged breaches of the ethical code and guidelines, and services provided that were not of the quality expected. However, not every complaint resulted in a disciplinary action taken against the doctors. Of 386 cases processed by complaints committees last year, 71 were dismissed and seven withdrawn, although that still leaves a high number that needed disciplinary actions taken.

What is happening to doctors nowadays? Where did all the good doctors run to? So many doctors now disciplined for breaches of ethical codes and guidelines, means that more doctors are now caught for being unethical. And service quality dropping? Why like that?

Adrian Ha

A.S.S. Contributor

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