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A Malaysian prime mover driver was sentenced to six weeks in jail and disqualified from from driving in Singapore for five years for negligent driving which resulted in a fatal road accident. Chan Joo Kiang, 33, was driving on the right lane of the two-lane Gul Way near Tuas towards Pioneer Road at around 11.50am on May 7 last year when he spotted another prime mover travelling in the opposite direction.

Both drivers of the prime mover had arrived at the junction at the same time, and both had wanted to turn right. The other driver, Mr Muhammad Iskandah Suhaimi, 38, signalled with a high beam to Chan that he was giving way so that the Malaysian could make a turn first. The road was not wide enough for both vehicles to execute their intended turns at the same time. However, Chan failed to stop and continued moving to make a right turn, albeit on a slower speed.

He failed to notice a motorcyclist, Wallace Sabing, 42, travelling straight on the road, of which he had the right of way, causing the motorcyclist to collide into the left centre portion of Chan’s trailer. Mr Sabing was taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital where he died of multiple injuries about five hours later. A medical report revealed that he injured his brain and fractured his neck in the accident.

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