A netizen has restored our faith in humanity by performing a simple act of kindness to an old lady in need in the midst of yesterday’s evening MRT breakdown.

According to the netizen, she had been waiting for a cab at Jurong East taxi stand when she noticed a frail old lady waiting for a taxi at the taxi stand. However, no matter how many taxis she approached, none would take her because they were either private cars or taxis on call.

Feeling sorry for the lady, the netizen asked her where she was headed, and was delighted to hear that they were both headed to Yishun. She offered to share the cab ride back to Yishun with the lady.

Fortunately for both women, the taxi driver who picked both of them up gave them a discount after the netizen explained the situation to him. He stopped the meter on his taxi and restarted it after a while to give a discount to both the netizen and the auntie.

Read her story here.

“I was waiting for a cab at Jurong East taxi stand alongside many others who were stranded because of the MRT NSL breakdown this evening.

I called for taxi a few times until I finally got one. I saw a frail old nyonya waited for taxi but no taxi came; either private cars or on call taxis.

I felt pity for her and decided to ask for her destination, hoping it’s along my way so I can help her. Fortunately, our destination was the same, Yishun!

She was so relieved and I was happy to help her. When the cab finally arrived, I explained to the driver. Along the way, he stopped the meter, restarted it and said there was a discount because he said I helped the aunty and I was going to visit my mother at the hospital.

He was so kind and we are so touched.

Thank you Mr Koh, taxi no 3721,Comfort for giving us such a great discount of $16 despite the heavy traffic & peak hours. God bless you.”

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