I am seeing the usual suspects giving interviews and writing to foreign media, milking the misery of the Oxley 38 saga. They are taking the opportunity to push their mythological version of Singapore: an undemocratic place controlled by the Lees and a small circle of elites, full of nepotism, where Western type human rights are not respected etc etc

One wonders what they hope to achieve.

Few Singaporeans read the foreign journals and magazines that they write to, so if they are hoping to help their causes, or the political parties they support, it will come to nought.

A lot of their articles are an exercise in circle-jerking – writing articles they then share amongst themselves, and then patting each other on the back for it. The average Singaporean voter are blissfully unaware of their mutual masturbation.

The majority of the people who read these articles are thus only foreigners, who are then perceiving a highly-warped view of Singapore.

This is similar to Chee Soon Juan’s behaviour that Mr. Chiam See Tong condemned in Parliament before – running Singapore down to a foreign audience, who lap up a narrative they like to hear.

To me this is worse than airing dirty laundry in public. This is treason.

If you want to change Singapore, get involved in politics. Stay in Singapore. Appeal to the Singaporean voter. Not to foreigners who do not care whether if Singapore survives.

Stop it now.

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