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A drunk woman who scratched a taxi driver several times on his face out of frustration after repeatedly telling him to take her and her mother to their destination was jailed for four weeks for causing hurt.

Lina Ivy Pah, 30, was alleged to have scratched cabby Mr Yung Kok Keong, 52, causing multiple abrasions over his upper eyelid, forehead and cheeks. Mr Yung had picked up Pah and her mother at 4:45am from Geylang. Pah had been drinking beer since around midnight.

Pah and her mother had told the cabby that they wanted to go to Lorong 5 Toa Payoh several times in the cab, and each time, Mr Yung had acknowledged them. But Pah became frustrated and scratched Mr Yung. A police report was made on the same day.

It was not known why Pah became frustrated, even though the cabby was heading to the direction he was given.

Edwin Ho

A.S.S. Contributor

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