LTA and PTC must step in to stop uber and grab from surging and learn from Comfortdelgro and Six.

Before I start, I would like to give round of applause to Comfortdelgro and Six for being so customer orientated than money orientated.

Whenever there is a train breakdown, grab and uber knows that demand will be super high, and their introduced surge to lure drivers to the affected location that drivers are now trained to take surged bookings. It’s so hard to get a taxi as many of the grabtaxi partners can do justgrab and these money minded and greedy car and taxi drivers are waiting for Justgrab bookings to earn more money, worse still Grabhtich drivers are totally avoiding such areas.

I tried to book grab and uber yesterday from Jurong East to Yishun and to my horror, the fare for both uber and grab was $50 and $53 respectively. That’s close to 3 times the usual fare!

Comfortdelgro fixed rate was at $26 while Sixrider was only $22! Wow. So I booked Six and my fare turned out to be $23 with a slightly longer, 10 minutes. Wait.

LTA, please step in to stop uber and grab from surging, their surge is way too ridiculous and also caused taxi drivers to only wait for surged bookings. Please also make sure grab and uber do not use MRT disruption as an opportunity to surge and also take action against SMRT.

Kudos to Comfortdelgro and Six for not surging despite high demand, I believe they will win the market soon.

A.S.S. Contributor

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