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The maid suspected of the double murder of her two elderly employers in Bedok Reservoir will NOT be sent to Singapore to face charges, Indonesian police have said. However, the Indonesian national Police (Polri) have said that they will work closely with Singapore police to solve the crime.

Polri indicated that the maid, Khasanah, who was arrested on Tuesday night at her hotel room in Indonesia’s Jambi province, will not be sent to Singapore due to the principle of personaliteit. Personaliteit is a local legal principle which states that any Indonesian arrested in the country for a crime committed overseas must be processed in Indonesia, instead of being sent to the jurisdiction where the offence took place, explained the national police spokesman.

Khasanah had worked in Singapore for only a month when she was alleged to have murdered her employers. Among the items found in her possession during her arrest were several pieces of jewellery, watches, mobile phones, a laptop computer and cash in various currencies. She had also confessed to her arresting officers that she murdered her employers, said Jambi police spokesman Kuswahyudi Tresnadi.

This will represent a second high profile case in Singapore of two foreigners committing major crimes here and then running away to another country. The first was the Standard Chartered bank robbery, where a Canadian man is held in Thailand for the crime. In both cases, the suspects have been arrested, but chances of them facing sentencing in Singapore are slim. Does this represent failure for Singapore authorities?

Janice Leong

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