Dear Editors,

I am now waiting for the non-existent free shuttle bus at Bishan mrt. It is so fucking crowding like in a zombie apocalypse. It is raining, it is super packed, there is little organisation by SMRT staff. The situation is messy. We Singaporeans are sweating it out in the open, squeezing with one another for a ride on the bus, hoping to get home soon.

We have our kids and family waiting for us at home. A one hour wait may not be much to our Transport minister but to me, it means the world, it is another hour to spend with my loved one after a busy day at work. We work the whole day, our free time at night is precious.

As we suffer here, where is our transport minister khaw boon wan? Is he driving home in the comfort of his big nice car? Is he being chauffeured home? Is he working overtime to help solve our MRT woes? Mr Khaw, please come down to the MRT stations and experience these monster breakdowns for yourself. If you or your family were trapped or stuck in these breakdowns, you will realise why it is urgent to rectify the problem.

Chan Hock Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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