A netizen who claims to be working for the Ministry of Defence says his commander sexually harassed and molested him and “a whole slew of other people”.

He says he is now afraid to voice out about the mental trauma he is going through because he does not want to be marked as a mental case and jeopardize his future career.

His main worry is his fear of being branded with a p-tag, a possible reference to a blackmark that is recorded in a serviceman’s “Personnel File”, which is a record of medical and other information on any particular national serviceman or regular throughout his national service career.

According to the netizen, who disclosed this information on Reddit Singapore, the commander had gotten into trouble recently because other personnel who were harassed reported the commander to his superiors. Because of the netizen’s past experience as a victim of the same commander, he was called up to be the principal witness in the disciplinary hearings.

With this turn of events, the victim is now stuck in a dilemma because he would have to admit to mental trauma as a result of the harassment and molestation. He had originally thought of bearing with the abuse for a few more months because he is leaving the service in 5 months.

What do you think the netizen should do?

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