Dear Editor,

A very Selamat Hari Raya to you and all Muslims.

I refer to the earlier report by CNA today, confirming PSD’s poll conducted on all civil servants to gague their sentiments on the Lee siblings saga that is set to become an annual affair!

Some netizens have expressed views on why it was not conducted islandwide when the obvious answer is fearing the unknown. Another reason is due to the simple fact that an uprising can only begin when the people they depend on to carry out their orders start questioning them instead? Imagine the undue consequences for the regime if there are multiple wikileaks mimicking what Dr LWL & LHY just did?

It is also a good time now for civil servants to start doubting and asking themselves if the system they serve is indeed a meritocratic one or merely a hypocrisy that thrives on both the innocence and ignorance of the people?

We only need open our eyes wide to the recent nonsensical ministerial promotions and stop being in a state of denial that everything is alright when it is not! Our values and existence are being called into question which will ultimately result in investors being scared away, leading to the slow and painful collapse of our economy.

We have to press on with the Lee siblings for a dissolution of Parliament to save our country!

#savemysingapore #wakeupsingaporeans

Mary Desker
A.S.S. Contributor

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