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Prices going up in Singapore, especially this year alone, seems like an everyday occurrence now. Singaporeans are of course, not happy at the price increases, but what to do? Nothing we say can change the fact that prices are going to increase. Once again, to the 70%, thank you very much, you all voted for this.

The next on the list of price increases is now the Marriage Registration fees. Starting this Saturday, the ROM will increase the fees by almost double for locals, and three times for foreigners. Couples where at least one party is a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident (PR) will have to pay $42 for registration, compared with the $26 they pay now. Foreigners who now pay $128 on weekdays, $198 on weekends and $298 on popular days will pay a flat $380 from July 1.

ROM indicated that the increase in price is to keep up with rising operational costs, and to ensure that service quality is maintained, maintaining that the last fee increase was back in 2005. ROM also said the different fees charged between locals and foreigners are mainly for ROM is to ensure that marriage fees remain affordable for Singapore citizens and PRs. Couples who want to get married will now have no choice but to pay the higher fees. Government are encouraging more couples to have babies, but they increased the price for couples to get married.

Gary Ho

A.S.S. Contributor

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